Their Ship Split in Half, the Crew Had Only One Choice

Date: 2020-12-08 17:24:57


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The SS Pendleton was built in 1944 in Portland, Oregon. The oil tanker was more than 500 ft long and could reach the speed of 18 miles per hour. The first unlucky accident happened to the ship in July 1951. That’s when the Pendleton ran aground while traveling along the Hudson River in New York. There wasn’t too much fuss about this misadventure. The vessel was refloated the next day. No one knew at that time that the damaged part of the ship’s hull would play a crucial role in its tragic sinking.

In February of 1952, the SS Pendleton was moving through the blinding snow and raging waves. The tanker was heading south toward Cape Cod. Around 10 miles off the coast, the crew heard a terrifying cracking noise. Suddenly, the ship lurched and broke in two! Despite the dangers that come with seafaring people have always been drawn to the ocean. And if you love shipwreck survival stories, this one will amaze you. The sailors were rescued by members of the Coast Guard on a small lifeboat!


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