The Unexpected Reason Why Escalators Have Brushes

Date: 2020-02-11 17:00:07


Ever been in that awkward situation when you’re in a room with people you barely know, and no one knows what to say? The silence seems endless… Well, why don’t you tell everyone why snow crunches? Or why escalators have brushes along the edges?

Also, most people don’t know that some small birds and insects see the world in slo-mo. Or that cats can be allergic to you! (The only reason this allergy doesn’t show so often is that you don’t shed as much irritating hair and skin as they do). Or that reindeer’s eyes change color from gold in the summer to baby blue in the winter! Or some other, no less exciting facts!

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The slowest animals in the world 0:25
The world in slo-mo 1:02
Chef hats 1:42
Elevator dings 2:12
Why the snow crunches 2:45
Cat-human dialogue 3:08
Escalator brushes 3:46
Goosebumps 4:38
Melting glaciers 5:19
42,000-year-old worms 5:54
What tree rings can tell you 7:07
Dextrophobia 7:51

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– The burning sensation you have in your mouth after eating chili peppers is caused by a particular chemical compound in them.
– If you think your cat loves to catch some Z’s, what will you say about koalas? These marsupials sleep from 18 to 22 hours a day!
– Have you ever got chills while listening to music? It was your brain releasing dopamine – a chemical compound that causes pleasure.
– Continental plates keep drifting at the same speed your fingernails grow. An underground activity that makes them move also causes volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.
– You’ve probably noticed that the colder it is outside, the louder the snow crunches under your feet. It happens because when the snow compresses, teeny ice grains rub against each other.
– Just one bolt of lightning will provide enough energy for a two-slice toaster to work for 84,000 minutes.
– Roosters can be exceptionally loud, and the question is, “How do they not go deaf if this thundering noise is coming right out of their beaks?” Simple – they have a natural mechanism that works as built-in earplugs!
– The very first helicopters had wooden rotor blades. At that time, fiberglass hadn’t been invented yet, and wood was the best available material: strong, lightweight, and fatigue-resistant.
– Dogs can distinguish way more smells than humans. But when it comes to tasting something, people win hands down.
– Astronauts in space have to work out no less than 2 hours a day to keep their bodies strong.
– At any given moment, around 2,000 thunderstorms are happening in different places on Earth. And if we add up one full year, this number will be more than 16 million!

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