The True Reason Why Planes Get Unusual Names

Date: 2020-02-04 03:00:01


When the pilot greets you on board, they’ll talk about the weather and flight duration after introducing themselves and the crew. But have you ever been on a flight where the Captain introduced the plane itself? I don’t mean “Boeing 737,” but something like “Miss Moneypenny” – really! You can’t make this stuff up!

Planes are a relatively recent invention. Before them, there was another popular means of mass transportation – ships. Well, it might come as no surprise that aviation inherited a lot of things from seafaring. Each major ship in history had its name. So if you’re wondering where the practice comes from, the aviation industry took this old maritime tradition and flew with it!

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Who was the first? 1:14
Fat Dirk and its unusually chubby fuselage 1:51
The weirdest names 4:51
How airlines choose plane names 7:12
Eccentric names 7:53
BRA airways 8:51

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– The first major airline to do it was Pan American Airways, once the largest international air carrier in the United States.
– They continued naming their aircraft, many of them with maritime monikers, until Delta bought the historic airline in 1991.
– Around that same time in the1920s, similar things were happening across the pond.
– Today, a lot of major airlines like Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Qantas, Icelandair, and JetBlue spend a good amount of time and money coming up with the perfect name for their aircraft before sending it off.
– In Australia, for example, Qantas aircraft proudly bear the name of local cities, Aboriginal art, and the continent’s first pilots.
– Virgin Australia likes naming their planes after the country-continent’s endless beaches – there are so many of them that they can keep buying planes and never run out of names!
– The national airline of Israel called El Al names its aircraft after local cities.
– In Hawaiian culture, giving a name to a person or even an object is a revered practice. They say it can make or break a person’s (or object’s) prosperity and spirit.
– Head to India, and you just might fly on a plane called Red Chili, Coriander, Pepper, or Turmeric!
– Russian national air carrier Aeroflot looks to the country’s great writers, scientists, and composers for inspo.
– Virgin Atlantic airlines give their planes mostly female names, such as Pretty Woman, Queen of the Skies, Ladybird, and Indian Princess.
– And when airlines need some help from the public, they hold competitions among their social media followers to invent their own perfect plane name.
– Singaporean airline Scoot is using eccentric plane names as a way to show how cool and fresh they are.
– How about BRA airways? It was a Brazilian airline, but the name doesn’t come from women’s undergarments. It stood for Brasil Rodo Aéreo.

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