The True Purpose of Mirror in Elevators

Date: 2019-12-07 11:00:02


How often do you take elevator selfies? After all, that’s what the mirrors inside them are for, right? Or could it be for safety and monitoring reasons? Or maybe they are hiding some secret parts of the elevator you aren’t supposed to see?

Back in the 1920’s when modern-type elevators were becoming more and more popular, a lot of people were anxious about going for a ride. Hotels, stores, and office buildings came up with a solution – they started playing calming music inside. So maybe the mirrors are there for the same purpose?

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Archimedes’ elevator 0:26
The Roman Colosseum used to have elevators! 0:47
The first public passenger elevator 1:11
Buildings with no 13th floor 3:28
So what about mirrors? 3:53
Placebo button 🔴 4:37
What if you get stuck in an elevator 5:38
How safe elevators are 6:48
The coolest elevators in the world 7:33
A riddle for all elevator fans 🤓 8:11

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– Back around 235 BCE, Archimedes built a wooden platform that went up on ropes in an open shaft.
– The Roman Colosseum used to have elevators and not just one but 24 of them!
– The first public passenger elevator was installed in 1857 in a department store in New York City.
– Back in the 19th and early 20th centuries, elevators were called movable rooms as they were designed way fancier than many apartments today.
– The upper floors have become so prestigious and luxurious only recently in history, and it happened thanks to elevators.
– These days, over 325 million passengers go up and down in an elevator every day across the world.
– Mirrors are used to calm down people with claustrophobia. A room with mirrors always appears more spacious than it actually is.
– Are you one of those people who always push the “close” button to make the elevator doors shut faster? This button is nothing but a placebo.
– Though more people are afraid of getting in an elevator than getting in a car, the elevator is a much safer means of transportation and statistically the safest way to travel!
– An elevator stops to prevent you from getting into trouble. When something is wrong in the shaft or the machine, and there’s even the slightest danger, stopping is the best solution.
– If you do get stuck in an elevator, don’t try to escape by yourself. Use the emergency button to contact the operator and wait for someone to come and rescue you.
– Even if some of the cables fail for some reason, one will be enough to hold the construction!

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