The Shortest and Longest Lifespans of Animals

Date: 2020-02-29 17:00:13


Time. Tick tock. We live only a tiny fraction of time that our planet has been around for. Even humanity itself is very young. But life span is a really relative term: there are creatures on our planet that live much shorter lives than us humans, and those who outlive all of us by far… while some are close to immortality. See for yourself.

Mayfly has the shortest lifespan on Earth — 24 hours or less. Greenland shark lives over 270 years. It’s the longest-living vertebrate. But there are creatures who live over 2,000 years or even… forever! Yup, one of them is biologically immortal. It can go back to being polyp and grow up again infinitely…

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The shortest living animal 0:28
They have 7 stages of life 1:16
The most popular jellyfish in the world 1:24
They have no natural enemies 4:12
The tallest living creature in the world 4:28
The oldest goldfish 5:16
Their arm span is bigger than their height 5:24
They have a third eye on top of their heads 5:55
Human-fish 6:28
They can potentially live for hundreds of years 6:51
They may have lived alongside dinosaurs 7:40
The longest-living mollusk on Earth 8:51
It has feet protruding from its belly 9:32
The longest-living vertebrate 9:56
It’s biologically immortal 10:21

– Drone ant — 3 days. Is the shortest-living among ants.
– Male mosquito — 1 week. Doesn’t drink blood. Good to know.
– Female mosquito — 1 month. DOES drink blood.
– House mouse — 1 year. Can squeeze into a ¼ inch hole.
– Mole — 3 years. Moles have kitchens where they store food.
– Guinea pig — 4 years. They have best buds and recognize their owners.
– Red panda — 7 years. They use their tails to cover from cold.
– Kangaroo — 10 years. They can use their tail as a lever to box with their hind legs.
– Dog — 13 years. The Great Dane can reach over 7 ft standing on its hind legs.
– Domestic cat — 16 years. Maine Coons reach over 3 ft in body length.
– Lion — 20 years. Females usually do all the hunting for the lion pride, while males rest.
– Giraffe — 25 years. The tallest living creature in the world.
– Bald eagle — 32 years. One of the most famous symbols of the USA.
– Orangutan — 45 years. Their arm span is bigger than their height.
– Andean condor — 50 years. The largest bird in the world.
– Longfin eel — 60 years. No one knows where they give birth to their young.
– Human — 68-73 years on average. Your mileage may vary. We’re the most numerous mammals on Earth.
– Gray whale — 77 years. Small creatures cover its skin, making it look patched.
– Nile crocodile — 95 years. They may have lived alongside dinosaurs.
– Japanese spider crab — 100 years. Their long legs are exceptionally brittle.
– Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise — 125 years. A popular pet reptile.
– Geoduck — 150 years. Both the largest and longest-living mollusk on Earth.
– Orange roughy — 175 years. Some of the few deepwater fish that go to food.
– Quahog clam — 225 years. The oldest clam (507 years old) was conceived during Chinese Ming dynasty.
– Giant tube sponge — over 2,000 years. Despite the lack of any organs, they can feed and reproduce.
– Turritopsis dohrnii — forever. It’s biologically immortal. Can go back to being polyp and grow up again infinitely.

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