The Reason You Were Born

Date: 2019-12-19 17:00:00


All my life I sought answers. As a kid, I read a book that gave me this idea: everything happens for a reason, and everyone has their own destiny. Since then, I’ve been seeking mine. At first, I was as starry-eyed as any kid: I wanted to have some glorified profession that involved saving lives and being heroic.

Then I grew up, and at 15 I realized that there were other ways to help people, and they suited me better. I wanted to help people get a roof over their head. I decided to become one of the greatest architects of our time, give homes to thousands, if not millions of people, build a real estate empire that no one could rival! I could do it because I was born for it. Or… not?

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– All my life I sought answers. As a kid, I read a book that gave me this idea: everything happens for a reason, and everyone has their own destiny.
– My family wasn’t rich, and my parents couldn’t afford expensive tuition. So I applied for a scholarship and hoped for the better.
– And the miracle happened: I got accepted! And that was the point I realized I’d finally found my destiny. I was to become one of the greatest architects of our time.
– Years passed, and my success never faltered. I was the best student of my year, and I got a job at a respectable company fresh after graduation.
– In another two years, I said my goodbyes and went on to start my own construction company.
– Soon after that I got married, and we had two wonderful kids, son and daughter.
– I went on with my projects, and my company steadily grew.
– And after a few more years, we stood among the biggest players on the market.
– I created a charity foundation and several non-profit organizations to help struggling people get new homes.
– By the time I grew old, my kids were ready to take the reins.
– Such was my life. I was sure I fulfilled my destiny… until this moment.
– At first, everything seemed to go well enough: my kids continued my work, and the corporation prospered.
– Then, they had a falling out, and the crack between them grew so much that they eventually divided the company.
– Alone, they couldn’t manage everything, and both their companies plummeted.
– I was devastated. I couldn’t believe it was really what happened. Wasn’t it my destiny?
– HE showed me myself, climbing the tree all those decades ago and wrapping my arms around a frightened kitty. That boy of 7 who had been me returned the cat to its owner, she beamed at him, said “thank you” and ran off home.
– “You know what it means. You were right in your childhood: everyone indeed has a purpose, something they were born for. But it’s not the labor of their life, or something larger than life itself”.
– All this time I believed in some kind of a bigger purpose for myself. What I didn’t realize was that I was doing what I could do best, and what I wanted to do the most. I was just following my dream.
– There was a woman standing at a window with her back to me. She was looking out at a little boy who was climbing a nearby tree to rescue a cat. When he got down and gave the kitty to its owner, he saw his mother in the window and waved to her. She waved back and turned around — and I saw it was my daughter.

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