The Real Truth Behind the Mermaid Myth

Date: 2022-02-09 13:00:31


The first day of summer of 2021. Kristy Jones took her kids to Hightown beach. But a woman didn’t even expect that during the family beach walk, they’ll find a… dead body. It was a skeleton, the upper part of which resembled a human being, and the lower one… the tail of a large fish. The authorities are still unable to identify who it belongs to. In the comments below the photo of the unusual finding, many users assume it’s a mermaid.
But we all know that sea maidens are just characters from myths and fairy tales. Then why are there so many unexplained cases of mermaids being seen by people in real life? Even more so, alternative biology provides a thorough explanation of the existence of such an organism and even considers possibilities in its evolution.
In this video, you’ll find out: are videos with sea maidens just a set-up? Where are the genitals on a mermaid’s body? And most importantly, can mermaids relate to human evolution?