The Real Distance to Space

Date: 2020-05-04 03:00:01


Where does outer space start? Where’s the edge of space? Right now, you’re moving 85 times faster than the speed of sound. Yep, we’re all spinning around the Sun on our spaceship called Earth at 18 miles a second. Protected by an invisible bubble – the atmosphere. So how can we know where it ends and space begins?

Hard to say since there’s no visible border. As you go up and further away from the surface, the air gets cleaner, less dense, and gradually disappears. At some point, it loses enough density that airplane wings stop working. That’s about an hour’s drive if you’re going highway speeds…

How high up is the International Space Station? 0:54
What about GPS satellites? 1:05
Let’s switch to the speed of light 2:17
The Sun to Mercury 2:34
To Venus 2:53
To Earth 3:09
Mars 3:45
Jupiter 4:03
Saturn 4:26
Uranus 4:46
Neptune 5:13
The Sun to Pluto 5:34
Oort cloud 6:52
The nearest star to our own 7:14
The farthest visible galaxy 7:49
The universe’s diameter 8:45

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