The Only Way to Overcome a Fear of Spider Quickly

Date: 2020-02-02 03:00:05


Even though they’re a fraction of our size, seeing those eight-legged terrors scuttle around our homes can give us the creeps! Arachnophobia is the actual diagnosis of an “unreasonable” fear of spiders; but I don’t think it’s that unreasonable! Wouldn’t you just love to put your fear behind you?

Even for people who aren’t full-blown arachnophobes, suppressing the shudder of disgust most of us feel when we see a spider would take a long time. It turns out that a study done by Israeli scientists found a way to reduce the fear of spiders by 20% – in 7 seconds!

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The Experiment 0:44
Other methods:
– Deep breathing 3:44
– Have an action plan 4:23
– Tapping 4:55
– Torch your house 5:29
– Spider-proof your home 6:08
– Vinegar Spray 6:47
– Pest Control 7:11

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– Exposure therapy forces someone to face what it is that freaks them out. For example, if you’re scared of elevators, riding in one would be a hefty dose of exposure therapy.
– Taking a few deep, full breaths always helps relieve anxiety, and slow your heartrate. If you see a spider, don’t jump into immediate action – slow down.
– Sit down and think about what you would actually do if you saw a spider; and more importantly, how you would remove it. It may help you to write these steps down. Go over them in your mind for a day or so before you actually put them into action.
– Tapping is a method of visualization and anxiety relief where you tap certain points on your body, such as your forehead or temple, while talking about and explaining your fear out loud.
– Ask yourself silly questions: Does the spider go home to his wife and kids and say, “Well, it’s been another successful day of scaring the humans!”
– There are plenty of “spider sprays” on the market, and there are also natural, chemical free ways to keep spiders at bay.
– If you know that you have spiders already in your house, make yourself a natural, spider-repelling spray! Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with two cups of lukewarm water in a spray bottle. Shake it up and spray it in areas where you’ve seen spiders, and also at entry points, like around your doors and windows.
– If you truly have a spider problem in your house, you might feel overwhelmed – and unable to sleep, for that matter! Give your local Pest Control a call.

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