The Most Remote Place on Earth: No Life, No Wind

Date: 2020-06-23 03:00:13


There’s a terrifying yet incredibly beautiful place, where water and sky mix into one picture. Where you’ll find virtually no living creatures for thousands of miles. Anyone who manages to get there will feel like the loneliest person. Destination: Point Nemo, the most remote place on Earth.

So, to get to the most isolated spot on Earth, you’ll need to arrive on the coast of Chile and rent an old fishing boat. From here, you’ll have to sail through the South Pacific Ocean toward New Zealand. 2,500 miles to your destination…and just as many on the way back. Point Nemo is a junkyard for space debris since there’s no one here to disturb.


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Where is it? 00:00
The first week 1:53
Day 9 2:15
Day 15 (you think) 4:21
How to get out of there? 5:58

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