The Most Impressive Ships That Could Dwarf Titanic

Date: 2020-08-17 08:24:35


If asked to imagine the Titanic, you would probably picture a giant ship carrying several thousands of passengers. And an iceberg. But nowadays, there are vessels that would simply dwarf the famous Ocean Liner. For example, the size of 9 huge whale sharks, the $400-million Dubai is one of the longest yachts in the world. The ship has a 33-ft mosaic swimming pool, helipad, circular staircases, numerous Jacuzzis, and a dining hall for 90 people!

Stena Hollandica is one of the world’s largest ferries. The ship is as long as 13 megalodons – long-gone, giant sharks! The ship can carry huge loads: for example, 10,600 male African elephants. Oil tankers Esso Atlantic and Esso Pacific, launched in 1977 and broken up now, were two of the world’s only seven ships that could carry more than half-million tons of load. Both tankers were as long as 4 soccer fields and could transport 10 Titanics. Interested? Let’s see at the world’s largest ships!

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Passenger ships 2:26
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MIAMI – CIRCA JULY 2019: Port side aerial view of Royal Caribbean International Cruise ship Symphony of the Seas as it departs Miami: By danmiami/,
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Hibernia Gravity Base Structure during construction: By Joe Fielder,
Drilling Platform In The Okhotsk Sea: By Maksim Safiullin,
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MOL TRIUMPH: By kees torn,
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The royal yacht, Al Sufouh – Dubai – United Arab Emirates: By trolvag,
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REV Ocean: By Zxsp3ctrom,
The tanker Seawise Giant: Nils Koch,
The Batillus during its scrapping at Kaohsiung in 1986: By André Cordier,
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