The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in India 2020

Date: 2020-02-06 11:00:13


Hey, are you in the market for a fluffy canine companion? Maybe you’ve already done your research on how much money you’ll have to shovel over for your new best friend? Well, let’s see if you might be able to get a better deal over in India!

Of course, no matter where you’re shopping (be it India or America), breed prices can vary depending on the region, meaning what you pay for, say, a pug in one town could be completely different in another! So, here’s what the Kennel Club of India has for the price tags of some of the country’s most popular dog breeds…

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Golden Retriever 0:41
Dachshund 1:16
Beagle 1:40
Boxer 2:05
Tibetan Mastiff 2:44
English Cocker Spaniel 3:19
Pug 3:55
Labrador Retriever 4:33
Rottweiler 5:01
Dobermann 5:41
Great Dane 6:08
Pomeranian 6:53
Dalmatian 7:52
German Shepherd 8:37
Indian Spitz 9:04

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– Golden Retriever: ₹5,000 – 20,000. Well, that’s only about 70 – 300 bucks, which would be a steal in the US!
– Dachshund ₹5,000 – 12,000. At around $150, these short-legged, long-bodied doggos are preferred in India thanks to their playfulness. But they can be stubborn at times too!
– Beagle ₹8,000 – 16,000. If you’re looking for a different hound breed, then you can pay roughly $170 for a happy-go-lucky beagle! They get along with kids, other pets, and strangers.
– Boxer ₹6,000 – 18,000. You can expect to pay about the same 170-dollar price for this high-energy, strong, and agile breed.
– Tibetan Mastiff ₹10,000 – 30,000. You can expect to pay almost twice as much for this huge breed, coming in at about $300.
– Cockers spaniels are compassionate, intelligent, and athletic. For around $150, families in India can get themselves an alert and resilient pet that’s great with kids.
– Pug ₹6,000 – 15,000. As the wrinkly-faced mascot of the recent Vodafone ad campaign, these dogs soon became really popular in India.
– Labrador Retriever ₹4,000 – 12,000. And yet another dog that’ll be really happy to meet your whole family (both the human and animal members!), Labs are really gentle and kind.
– Rottweiler ₹7,000 – 20,000. For about 200 bucks, people in India can have a loyal friend that’ll protect them no matter what!
– Dobermann ₹5,000 – 20,000. At the $150 range, these slender dogs with a docked tail are easily recognizable and pretty popular in India.
– Great Dane ₹7,500 – 25,000. You’d be getting a deal as big as the dog itself if you bought this breed in India for just around $250.
– Pomeranian ₹3,000 – 8,000. Here’s a breed that won’t break the bank, at least not in India, where you’ll pay just around $80.
– Dalmatian ₹6,000 – 15,000. In India, you can get a big spotted canine friend for just about 150 bucks!
– German Shepherd ₹5,000 – 20,000. In the US you can expect to pay an average of $800, in India you can get this breed for only around 180 bucks!
– Indian Spitz ₹4,000 – 8,000. These dogs are extremely bright and active but adapt well even in small apartments. Considered to be among the most intelligent dog breeds, they’re incredibly fast learners and pick up new tricks in the blink of an eye!

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