The Driest Place on Earth Where Stones Move By Themselves

Date: 2020-07-12 10:00:19


Martian landscapes, dried-up salt lakes, unbearable heat, abandoned cities and mines, mysterious rocks that move by themselves, and the howls of coyotes at night… No, this isn’t a horror movie location either, it’s the hottest spot on earth – Death Valley. In 1913 the United States Weather Bureau recorded a temperature of 134°F at Furnace Creek, in the Valley. This was a record, but even in ordinary times, the temperature reaches 120°F degrees during a summer’s day. It’s really one of the weirdest places on Earth.

The valley is located in the northern Mojave Desert, on the borders of California and Nevada about two hour’s drive from Las Vegas. It covers 3,000 sq mi, which is five times the size of London. It’s the lowest, the hottest and the driest place in North America. Here in Death Valley, even stones live their own unique life. No, seriously – they actually move by themselves! And there are lots of theories about these ‘sailing rocks’…


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