The Day Before Christmas

Date: 2019-12-24 17:00:22


Oh, the weather outside is frightful… but Christmas is so delightful! Leslie felt it in the air as she walked down the street. She was headed to her favorite store that only opened nearer to the winter holidays and had all kinds of wonderful stuff. She cherished this knowledge as something very close and personal: the store was small and not really well-known because of its peculiar schedule, so Leslie felt as if she was touching upon some secret.

But her singing mood was brought up short when she saw the “For rent” sign on the shop window. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It seemed to her that the world suddenly stopped spinning. Upset and downtrodden, she already turned to leave, thinking about what she would do now when she noticed a small piece of paper tucked between the door and the jamb…

🎅 Guys, there are 14 Christmas hats hidden in the video! Are you attentive enough to spot them? 🎅😜

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A mysterious piece of paper 0:05
Lost wallet 1:15
Marissa’s nightmare 2:17
What that note said 3:09
… and whose wallet it was 4:15
Okay, isn’t it too much of a coincidence? 5:16
Who Leslie ran into 5:59
Alec meets his old pal Benjamin 6:25
And it was THAT Alec! 7:16
An incredible encounter 7:49

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– Deep in his anxious thoughts, Alec barely noticed stepping onto something soft but springy. It was s wallet. Inside was a hefty stack of hundred-dollar bills… and a photograph.
– Marissa woke up covered in cold sweat and sheets clinging to her wet skin. Another nightmare, this time about Ben — she didn’t exactly remember what it was about, but something horrible happened.
– Leslie took the sheet and unfolded it. Inside was a note from the owner of the store that read, “Whoever finds this, please call me” — and a number.
– “Um, is it Marissa? Yes, my name’s Alec, I’ve found a wallet in the street with your photo and phone number in it. Oh, it’s your brother’s? Well, there’s… like, a lot of money in here, and I thought it would be nice if the owner got it back”.
– Marissa had a short day today, but there was some stuff she needed done at the office — a mortgage and a business loan that she couldn’t get her hands on for a long time now.
– Leslie just headed home. And it would’ve been a short and uneventful walk if she hadn’t bumped into someone big. She murmured an apology, looked at the stranger and her eyes got huge.
– The place looked grim and deserted. Alec opened it every year before Christmas, just to put his mind at ease — more of a hobby than business, really.
– “Alec? It’s Marissa. I’m looking at your loan request form right now… Yep, I’m kinda your accountant, I guess. Look, I couldn’t approve it, but… where can I find you? It’s not a phone talk. Okay, gotcha. See you in a jiffy.”
– Leslie looked at Ben in shock. They’d been in love in college, but he disappeared after graduation — some terrible family business that overwhelmed him.
– She couldn’t have corrected it herself, and by all means she should’ve rejected it, but given the circumstances… and then another knock on the door.
– Marissa stepped from behind the counter, waved at Ben and stopped short. Right beside her brother was her long-time business partner, Leslie. No. Way. This was just too much!
– So it turned out they all knew each other this way or that. Haven’t met in years, but here they were.
– Marissa looked at Ben, Ben looked at Leslie, and she gingerly touched his hand. Something good was being born there that day — the day before Christmas.

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