The DARK SIDE Of Energy Drinks That Will Make You Question Drinking Them!

Date: 2019-08-01 12:45:00


The little-known negative impact of consuming energy drinks! From the sugar-ridden toll they take on your body to the brain-frying effects of overconsumption.

#13 Allergic to Energy
Energy drinks are almost like a witch’s brew with the long list of ingredients used in their concoction. Ginseng, taurine, a variety of B vitamins, guarana, carnitine, creatine, ginkgo biloba and all sorts of other exotic extracts are often utilized to craft these fueling beverages. This can create a minefield, though, for people who suffer from allergies. And with how exotic some ingredients are, a person may have to discover from an energy drink that they’re allergic in the first place!
#12 Highly Addictive
People can get addicted to anything they enjoy, but energy drinks can take it to another level by fulfilling a variety of chemical reactions. Along with usual dopamine release associated with addiction, in which one is overcome with a feeling of euphoria, the caffeine in energy drinks can create a very real physical and mental dependence as well. Millions of people across the world plan their day around getting their caffeine fix, and with energy drinks, this can get costly. Often costing anywhere between two and four dollars a can, meeting personal daily requirements can cost a ridiculous amount when totaled up, especially when drinking one can a day isn’t getting the job done. Energy drink addicts can easily spend upwards of a hundred dollars a month, relying on these sugary beverages just to function.
#11 Withdrawals
After drinking energy drinks long enough, your body will eventually create a dependency on the caffeine to operate and not supplying that demand can cause some painful side effects. Whether you’ve gone 24 hours or just missed your usual dose of caffeine, it doesn’t take long for withdrawal symptoms to kick in. Chief among these are headaches that can transform into migraines. Jolts of pain make their way just behind the eyes before intensifying to a throbbing pulse of torment stretching across the front of your head. Other withdrawal symptoms can include cramping, a lack of concentration, sinus blockage and even constipation. So while you can stop once you fall down the rabbit hole of Red Bulls and Rockstars, it will likely be anything but a painless process.