The Biggest Ships On Earth

Date: 2019-10-17 12:15:00


The world’s largest sea-faring ships! From massive cargo vessels to record-setting cruise lines.

#9 MOL Triumph
Built in 2017 by Samsung Heavy Industries, this container ship is the seventh largest of its kind in the world. Container ships are often measured in terms of TEUs, which stands for 20 foot equivalent units. A single TEU is the measure of volume of a standard 20-foot metal container that you often see transported via trains, ships, and trucks. The MOL Triumph is the first vessel capable of carrying 20 thousand TEUs. Meant to serve the Japanese shipping company Mitsui [miht-soo-EE] O.S.K. Lines, this 1,312 foot ship was christened in a ceremony held in South Korea, just months before its five sister ships were produced. The gross tonnage of the Triumph is an astounding 210,678 tons and to help haul such a heavy load, the ship employs a number of energy-saving technologies to increase efficiency and reduce water resistance.
#8 OOCL Hong Kong
Based purely on carrying capacity, the OOCL Hong Kong is the current largest container ship as awarded by Guinness World Records. This vessel was the first ship to surpass the 21 thousand TEU mark with a total capacity of 21,143 TEUs. Registered at the port of Hong Kong, the ship was constructed by Samsung Heavy Industries to serve its namesake city on a 77-day round trip route from East Asia to Northern Europe. The Hong Kong was just one of many container ships built in response to China’s global development strategy, called One Belt One Road, along with the recent signing of the Hong Kong-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement. Opening up further doors to international trade, these events birthed the OOCL Japan, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Germany and Scandinavia…all brethren to the Hong Kong, yet none of them are quite as large. In addition to its superior carrying capacity, OOCL Hong Kong has a gross tonnage of 210,890 tons across its 1,311.9 foot-long hull. All this mass is powered by an inline two-stroke, 11-cylinder Turbo G-type and MAN Diesel engine capable of hitting a top speed of 21 knots, the naval equivalent of 24 miles per hour.