The Amazing Story of Nikola TESLA!

Date: 2019-11-28 13:15:01


The strange and surprising life of Nikola Tesla! From genius inventor to popular socialite.

#10 Shocking Childhood
Long before he was known as a brilliant inventor synonymous with ambitious technology, Nikola Tesla was born in the Austrian Empire back in 1856. As if predicting his future influence on electricity and its role in society, Duka Tesla gave birth to the Serbian scientist-to-be in the midst of a lightning storm! The wet nurse at the time feared the coincidence to be a bad omen, supposedly claiming Nikola to be “a child of darkness,” however his mother quickly retorted, “No, he will be a child of light.” His mother would go on to be a major influence in Nikola’s life as her own penchant for inventing household appliances stuck with him forever.
#9 A Complex Mind
It should come as no surprise that the genius mind behind some of the strangest inventions to come out of the 19th and 20th centuries would work a bit differently than the average persons. But Nikola Tesla’s mental state wasn’t all just abstract concepts and futuristic dreams. From a young age, Tesla developed a photographic memory which aided in his ability to retain information, as well as his capability for vividly visualizing his future creations. Unlike most inventors, he was able to perceive his theorized gadgets and how they would work in great detail without needing sketches or blueprints, relying solely on his imagination. According to his own accounts, ever since his youth, he would sometimes experience bright flashes of light before being struck with inspiration! In addition to these apparent benefits, though, Tesla also suffered from some psychological obstacles. His work ethic often verged on the brink of obsession, and his manic mind often manifested in compulsive behavior. Tesla grew infatuated with the number 3, for example, and often would perform a task three times in a row before being able to move forward. He also had a number of fears in the form of germs, hair, and, strangely enough, pearls! While his aversion to dirtiness derived from a near-fatal cholera experience in his teens, the reason behind his distaste for pearls or hair remains a mystery to this day.