That’s Why Soap Foam Can Only Be White

Date: 2020-02-20 11:00:13


Ever wondered why your purple soap bar always gives off white foam? Do you know which color is the most unattractive for people? And what’s the blackest substance in the world? Have you ever heard that there are impossible colors in the world, such as red-green or yellow-blue?

So, as you may have guessed, today we’re gonna tell about colors! By the way, did you know that it’s impossible to come up with a new color? You can only come up with a new name for it. We already know all the existing colors that the human eye can see. Some birds, though, are able to see other colors that humans can’t recognize.

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Gasoline puddles 0:23
The most unattractive color 0:47
White noise 1:21
Polar bears are actually… black 1:37
The blackest substance in the world 2:14
Impossible colors 2:35
Flamingos aren’t born pink 2:49
Сan you hear colors? 4:05
Cosmic latte 4:15
Why soap foam is always white 4:53
What Chromophobia is 5:32
The safest colors for cars 6:12
How colors change the taste of food 6:49
Why green is used for chroma key 8:11

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– Greek and Roman sculptures weren’t meant to be white. They’d been painted in bright colors, but time destroyed the paint.
– The most pleasant colors are red and blue.
– White noise is the noise from an empty radio or TV channel. It’s possibly called so because this sound is neutral, as the color white.
– The sun is neither yellow nor orange. It’s white.
– What we call “color” is just the ability of our eyes to distinguish electromagnetic waves of different lengths.
– Vantablack is the blackest substance in the world. It absorbs 99% of light.
– Flamingos aren’t born pink. These birds feed on unique algae and crustaceans, and their feathers turn pink over time thanks to such lunches.
– Nature’s given butterflies such beautifully colored wings so that they could hide from enemies.
– Jellyfish are among the most colorless creatures in the world.
– The black box on airplanes is actually orange. And it isn’t a box either, but a cylinder.
– f you take all the colors of the universe and put them in one box, the mix will be pale tan similar to the color of coffee with cream.
– Women distinguish shades of red much better than men. So there.
– Some people have Chromophobia. They are terrified of some colors.
– Red is the first color that a newborn baby can recognize.
– White and bright-gray colors are the safest for cars.
– The combination of red and yellow colors increases your appetite.
– Up until the 17th century, carrots were not orange, but purple.
– Mantis shrimp have the most complicated eyes. They’re able to see 10 times more colors than people.

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