That’s Why Airplanes Seem Spacious (But They Are Not)

Date: 2020-02-19 03:00:04


Psychological tricks to make you feel at home in the cabin? Pilots and flight attendants hiding their own secrets from passengers? Whoopie cushions left on the seats in economy class? Well maybe not that, but what other mysteries are you unaware of each time you step onboard?

Did you know, for example, that flight attendants assess you as you’re boarding the plane? They have to figure out if you’re going to be a safety concern on the flight. Are you still hungry after your meal? Ask for an extra portion, and if it’s available, you’ll get it! Ever experienced such a hard landing that you jump in your seat and go white? There are some conditions when a gentle touchdown is outright dangerous…

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Flight attendants assess you 0:28
The cockpit is off-limits for flight attendants 1:13
Airplanes can safely operate with one engine 1:29
Planes can land when their wheels are broken 1:53
Pilots may nod off in their seats 2:55
Flight attendants are highly trained professionals 3:43
Co-pilots aren’t just sidekicks 4:18
The walls have a particular structure 4:57
Nervous flyers should pick seats in the middle of the cabin 5:37
If you want to be a pilot, be prepared for endless tests 6:15
Secret bedrooms 6:36
Pilots are very careful with what they say 6:47
Some airlines skip particular row numbers 7:25
You lose up to 30% of your ability to taste sweet 8:02

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– An extra seat behind the pilot and the co-pilot in the cockpit isn’t reserved for special VIP passengers. It’s for flight attendants during take-off or landing and for inspectors who monitor the flight.
– The situation when both engines fail at the same time is almost unheard of, but even if something like that did happen, a plane wouldn’t drop from the sky like a rock.
– Modern planes have special systems that detect other aircraft, mountains, and unexpected solid objects in their path.
– There are some conditions when a gentle touchdown is outright dangerous. The most common situation when a plane must touch down firmly is when the runway is wet.
– Airlines are going to address the dreaded middle-seat problem pretty soon. A new design has already been developed, and new chairs will be available shortly.
– Co-pilots are totally capable of flying a plane, and they do it regularly!
– Flight attendants have the same problems with jet lag as you do.
– Airplane manufacturers use a special trick to make the cabin look bigger and more spacious. For example, the walls have a particular structure that reflects light.
– Passengers are also happier when their airplane has a wider entrance, and its lighting is brighter.
– When turbulence occurs, it affects the front and rear parts of the cabin the most.
– Deploying an emergency slide when there’s no emergency is a very bad idea.
– If you want to be a pilot, be prepared for endless tests and examinations.
– Pilots are very careful with what they say and how they deliver it. You’ll never hear them announcing anything dramatic, like “fail” or “malfunction.”
– Some airlines skip particular row numbers because they’re considered unlucky in certain cultures.
– If you’re in a window seat, you can notice the way the airplane wings flex.
– The way the cabin is pressurized has a big effect on your taste buds: you lose up to 30% of your ability to taste sweet and salty things.
– The first airline to offer its customers online check-in was Alaska Airlines, and it happened in 1999!

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