Supermassive Black Hole Nearest Earth is Becoming Mysteriously Bright

Date: 2021-09-16 12:08:28


How many black holes are there?
We know of two types of black holes: Stellar Black Holes and Supermassive Black Holes.
Stellar Black Holes are created when massive stars die. They end their lives in violent supernova explosions – most of the star’s matter is blown away leaving behind a stellar core. If the core has enough mass it will succumb to gravity and collapse in on itself to become a black hole. It is likely that our Milky Way Galaxy contains around 10 million black holes but we will probably only ever ‘see’ about 1,000 of these. Astronomers have been able to track down over 20 stellar black holes so far.
Supermassive Black Holes earn their name because they contain over a billion times more mass than the Sun. It is not yet known how they are created but it seems that they lie at the centre of almost every galaxy in the Universe, including our own Milky Way Galaxy.

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