STRANGEST Rock Formations On Earth!

Date: 2019-12-12 13:45:00


The world’s most bizarre rock formations! From the tall standing stones crafted by volcanic activity to the oddly shaped and placed boulders all over the world.

#11 Fingal’s Cave
Composed of hundreds of hexagonal basalt columns, the sea cove situated on the Scottish island of Staffa is known as Fingal’s Cave. It’s believed that this unique geological landmark came to be as lava surged to the surface from the sea floor more than 50 million years ago. The cooling of the igneous basalt rock resulted in gradual cracking, resulting in the tetragonal and hexagonal shapes in Fingal’s Cave’s columns. Sightseeing cruises will take visitors past the entrance often, with some cruises even allowing their passengers to explore the arched cove up close.
#10 Giant’s Causeway
The sibling to the previously mentioned Scottish grotto across the North Channel strait, connecting the Irish Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, is The Giant’s Causeway in the uppermost coast of Northern Ireland. Much like Fingal’s Cave, this rocky beach is notable for featuring more than 40 thousand basalt columns, formed by the same lava flow tens of millions of years prior. They reach heights of up to 39 feet on this coast, and some portions of the igneous rock measure 92 feet in thickness! But rather than chalk the origin of these two unique locations up to geological phenomenon, locals say another, more folkloric source is to thank for Fingal’s Cave and the Giant’s Causeway. Legend goes that the Irish mythological figure, Finn MacCool, built a causeway connecting the coasts of Ireland and Scotland using the massive stone columns to do so. His reason? To create a bridge by which to combat Scotland’s own giant, referred to as Benandonner. But as the Scottish behemoth approached the Irish hero, MacCool noticed Benandonner was much larger and disguised himself as a baby instead. When the giant arrived and saw the size of MacCool’s apparent baby, he ran away in fear of what he assumed would be a much larger father, demolishing the fabled bridge connecting Giant’s Causeway to Fingal’s Cave.