STRANGEST Insects On Earth

Date: 2020-11-09 02:20:48


Most bizarre insects in the world! These weird looking insects with unique appearances are creepy and beautiful

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What makes this insect truly unique is its incredible size and similarity to a hummingbird. With a wingspan of 1.8 inches and featherlike hairs that protrude from its back end, it’s difficult to tell this moth apart from a hummingbird at a distance. But, its appearance isn’t the only thing that earned the hummingbird hawk-moth its name. This peculiar creature feeds on tubular flowers using its proboscis , which can reach almost 3 centimeters long! Also similar to hummingbirds, the moth flaps its wings at an amazing rate to hover while feeding, making a humming noise.

You’ve probably seen this furry fellow in various memes throughout the years. But, you may have never known that it’s called the white ermine moth. They’re easily recognizable with whimsical black antennae and pure white mane-like hairs, giving it its fuzzy appearance. These moths live in temperate regions of Europe to Kazakhstan, as well as in Siberia, Korea, Japan, and China. Although the white ermine’s white fur gives it a pleasant “pet me” appearance, it’s best not to touch these insects. Their bodies contain toxins, and even birds refuse to feast on these strange looking flyers.