STRANGEST Fish On Earth!

Date: 2019-10-10 12:15:01


The weirdest fish you never knew existed! From aquatic species resemblant of mythological creatures to the deep-sea monsters of the deep.

#13 Porcupinefish
Also referred to as blowfish, balloonfish, globefish or pufferfish, these fish are a slow-swimming and relatively small family of fish that make their homes in tropical and shallow temperate waters around the world. Porcupinefish are most notable for their ability to double in size via inflation and their spines that protrude outward. Some, but not all, species are poisonous, containing a neurotoxin that’s 1,200 times more potent than cyanide!
#12 Dragonfish
A long snout and large, winged, pectoral fins make it fairly obvious what inspired the name of this tiny fish. Native to the tropical region connecting the Indian and Pacific Oceans, dragonfish stay relatively close to the sea floor, using pelvic fins to glide, and almost walk, across the sandy bottom. Like aardvarks, this creature’s elongated mouth is used to reach into holes and crevices, sucking out whatever worms or other invertebrates it can find for sustenance. Though specific species are called dragonfish, this family of aquatic animals are also known as seamoths, and their latin name “Pegasidae” was given in reference to the Greek myth of the Pegasus, showing that they resemble more than just underwater dragons. They’ve even been referred to as sea moths, a name that fits the creature’s propensity to molt their skin in the same way moth larvae molt before forming cocoons. And just like a moth, the dragonfish’s wing-like fins are just as varied as they are mesmerizing, with each individual fish brandishing a unique pattern all their own.