Strange Things About The Bermuda Triangle!

Date: 2019-04-18 13:45:00


What you didn’t know about the Bermuda Triangle! Dive into the details about the unexplained disappearances and other Bermuda Triangle mysteries in this video!

9. Christopher Columbus

Even though the seemingly supernatural aspects of the Bermuda Triangle weren’t often written about until the mid-1900s, there were still some weird things happening in this place far before. When Christopher Columbus was sailing to the New World in 1492, he recalled some interesting phenomena in the area. He described seeing a considerable flame crashing into the ocean, which people generally believe was most likely a meteor. Columbus also reported that he experienced strange compass readings, which brings us to the next strange fact about the Bermuda Triangle.

8. Crazy Compass

There’s no denying that some things have been a bit out of the ordinary concerning the Bermuda Triangle. It’s pretty well-known at this point that compasses work a little differently in the area than they do everywhere else… or they used to, at least. We even mentioned that Columbus experienced this while traveling through. According to various sources, compasses only point to “true north” in this and one other region. True north is the Geographic North pole, and Magnetic North refers to the shifting magnetism of the Earth. A compass needle is attracted to the Magnetic North. When true north and Magnetic North line up, it’s called the agonic line. However, with the agonic line changing along with the magnetic field, it eventually moved out of the Bermuda Triangle area. So, although the “weirdness” seemed to be caused by this region once upon a time, these theories have been proven incorrect.