STRANGE Abandoned Places In Europe

Date: 2020-01-23 13:45:01


Europe’s most mysterious abandoned places! From desolate villages and ghost towns to deserted railways and castles.

#13 Monsanto Panorama
In the 1960s, a large, lavish restaurant at the center of a park in Lisbon, Portugal offered locals an exclusive dining experience in a unique, UFO-like building. Over the years, though, this circular structure has been left to deteriorate after failed attempts to use it as a nightclub, bingo hall, office, and warehouse. Today it serves the public as a popular viewpoint despite its decrepit condition and graffiti-laced walls. Visitors to the charming, yet desolate, monument will be able to enjoy the former restaurant’s unique architecture, gorgeous tile work from artist Manuela Madureira, and the best 360 degree view in the city.
#12 Spreepark
Spanning across almost 73 acres of land in the German capital of Berlin is the rundown skeleton of an amusement park. This park first opened in 1969 under the moniker Kulturpark Plänterwald and was the only attraction of its kind in both East and West Berlin at the time of its opening. In 1991, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Germany’s reunification, the amusement grounds were rechristened as Spreepark after the nearby Spree River. New owners took over the property and invested heavily in its success, adding new attractions and raising attendance numbers to 1.5 million people annually! However, in the years following this brief upswing in success, the parks owners would become gradually encumbered in debt. To compensate, prices rose, but that led to a fall in attendance and by 2002, the park closed indefinitely. After 9 years of weathering, the park opened briefly to guided tours of the vacant amusement park, but this stopped in 2014 once the property was purchased by the City of Berlin. A major fire later that year destroyed much of the remaining Spreepark attractions, and today the half burnt, crumbling structures loom eerily outside the public eye.