Solve All 30 Riddles, You Outsmarted My Teacher

Date: 2022-02-21 08:28:12


Esme loves different adventures and cracking riddles. She’s really good at it but sometimes she needs help, especially for the toughest riddles. If you love riddles as well, you’re a perfect detective friend for Esme. So today you’re going on a riddle trip with her! Solve 30 riddles to find all the artifacts needed to complete the task successfully.

Riddles are great for your brain boost and active mind. They help you train your analytical skills, critical thinking and raise your IQ. It’s time to start thinking outside the box and get creative! Solve these 30 riddles as fast as you can.


Esme’s walk 00:00
Find the odd one 01:08
Unlock the door 02:20
Find the difference 02:42
Place the statues 03:30
Original cup 04:25
Which is the right plant? 05:38
Esme’s heading to the future 08:37
Find the money 09:00
Who isn’t human? 09:20
Emoji puzzles 09:49
Which is a real Dracula 12:55

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