Solve 11 Riddles to Get the Title of a Real Detective

Date: 2020-08-27 07:46:08


Olivia has been dreaming of becoming a police detective since childhood. And now she’s graduating from the Police Academy! But before she gets hired to be a real detective, she has to go through a tricky quest to prove her skills! Solving riddles and puzzles is an excellent way to exercise the mind, which needs constant stimulation just like any other muscle in the body. We want you guys to be in shape, so let’s help Olivia solve these 11 detective riddles. They contain hidden details that you have to find. But beware, they’re not easy to spot.


A Missing Bag 0:16
An Airport Mystery 1:00
Which Factory? 1:54
A Missing Runner 2:54
Hidden Treasure 3:59
Which Door? 4:42
An Ancient Vase 5:50
A Flooded Pit 6:44
A Business Trip 7:26
Who’s the most reckless? 8:22
A Warehouse Fire 9:06

Music by Epidemic Sound

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