Solve 10/10 Of Movie Riddles And Prove You’re a Genius

Date: 2020-07-06 11:00:01


Are you a true movie buff? Then we have an unusual challenge for you! How about some cool movie riddles? You’ll see the most famous movie fragments, but the main characters are going to be a bit changed. Will you still manage to guess all the movies?

If you recognize 0 to 4 fragments, you can’t be that interested in movies. You probably have other exciting things to add color to your life. If your result is 5 to 7 correct answers, you watch movies rather often, but not often enough! You might want to work on it! And if your result is 8 to 10 correct answers, you’re a true movie buff! You’re likely to be a serial movie-goer or a fan of home movie marathons!


Fragment #1 00:00
Fragment #2 0:55
Fragment #3 1:32
Fragment #4 2:06
Fragment #5 2:35
Fragment #6 3:11
Fragment #7 3:40
Fragment #8 4:12
Fragment #9 4:40
Fragment #10 5:10

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