Sleep Under a Wet Blanket, See What Happens at Night

Date: 2020-12-07 11:00:09


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If you’ve ever spent pointless hours trying to get to sleep, chances are you’ve been part of the 30% of the population has dealt with secondary insomnia. The good news is that next time you can fix it in seconds. This type of insomnia is usually the effect of anxiety which keeps you up thinking about things that worry you and making it difficult to relax and fall asleep. As long as you can manage to relax, you’ll be able to fall asleep in no time.

We’ve prepared a list of the fastest methods you can use to relax and fall asleep, so that next time, falling asleep is the least of your worries. For example, some people claim white noise helps them fall asleep faster and sleep better. It’s odd that a combination of audible frequencies might help you sleep, but it works wonders for some! Also, a study showed that eating breakfast for dinner was really helpful for those who want to fall asleep faster. So, wanna boost your productivity with better sleep? Check this out.

Layering blanket 0:01
Worry doll 0:50
Fear sleep 1:23
Avoid blue light 2:02
Leonardo da Vinci’s productivity secret 2:24
The bedroom temperature is essential 3:18
A nap during the day 5:20
Breakfast for dinner 6:35
Beds are for humans only! 7:03

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