Sleep Technique Of The Greatest Geniuses Revealed

Date: 2022-02-18 06:36:05


Have you ever heard of ‘the twilight zone of sleep’? No, it’s not a place where vampires sleep or a name of a weird hotel in the middle of nowhere. It’s a special technique that can make a true genius out of you. What does it consist of? And how to enter this zone to get a brain boost?

The greatest minds: Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Thomas Edison – all used this technique to get into the special zone of our brains. It allowed them to be creative and make breakthrough discoveries. Scientists believe that there’re answers to the most critical questions for any person in this phase of sleep…


Leonardo da Vinci’s sleep 00:00
Salvador Dali’s sleep 00:15
Thomas Edison 00:28
The “twilight zone” 00:43
The first phase of sleep 02:53
Creativity boost 03:40
The deepest phase of sleep 04:20
Non-REM sleep 04:42
Mice experiment 06:16
Sleep for rest 07:14

– Leonardo da Vinci slept for 15 minutes many times during the day;
– Salvador Dali would fall asleep holding a metal spoon or key;
– Thomas Edison held balls in his hands as he tried to fall asleep;
– The “twilight zone” is called hypnagogia. It’s the process of our brain’s transition into sleep;
– You, too, had experienced such a state when you suddenly woke up in the night with some idea and quickly wrote it down in your notes;
– James Watson saw two intertwining snakes in his sleep and realized that this is what the structure of our DNA looks like;
– Scientists attribute this boost in brain activity and creativity to the fact that our brain is in the ideal state where you have this loose cognition and weird associations in this sleep phase;
– Our body temperature drops slightly in non-PEM sleep phase, and the brain uses less energy;
– During REM sleep, the brain does some check-ups;
– When you are awake, your brain receives signals from all senses—images from your eyes, sound from your ears, and so on. But when you sleep, all of these senses are basically shut off;
– Your body releases growth hormone precisely during the deep sleep phases.

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