Should You Shut Down Your Computer Every Night?

Date: 2019-12-31 17:00:05


You probably heard that turning off your computer for the night can be harmful to it. But you must’ve also heard the conflicting point of view: that you actually should turn it off when not using it for long. So what’s the right thing to do then?

The belief that your desktop should work all the time comes from the dawn of the computer era — the 1980s. Back then, computers were made of different materials, and frequently turning them off and back on could potentially damage them. But what about now?

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To shut down or not to shut down? 0:42
Sleep mode VS. Hibernation 2:24
Uninterruptible power supply (Highly recommended) 6:12

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– When you turn on your computer, it triggers a little power surge that creates some stress on the system.
– Modern computers, be it laptops, desktops, or tablets, are specially designed not to be turned completely off.
– Many of the computer parts have moving parts of their own, and they need time to get up to speed.
– When you shut down your device, it first closes all the programs running on it for all users.
– There are several things you can do as well: they are hibernation and sleep mode.
– Both of them allow you to leave your computer on and save your work while reducing energy consumption.
– Sleep mode conserves energy a bit worse than hibernation, but it allows your computer to start up almost immediately.
– Hibernation is a deeper sleep mode that doesn’t use any energy at all, just like when you shut it down, but takes more time to shake off.
– On Windows 10, you can only use sleep mode by default, and to add hibernation you’ll need to open the taskbar and type power options.
– On Mac, you’ll have a different default mode for desktop and portable computers: sleep mode for desktops, and hibernation for laptops.
– On Mac laptops, there’s also an option to enter a standby mode. The device will automatically enter this state after three hours of sleeping if there’s nothing connected to it, including the charger.
– But keeping your data safe while your computer is on is tricky because there can be power surges or outages.
– Make sure to buy a UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, to save you from headache in case of a power outage.
– It’s a device that will provide an emergency power load to your computer if the mains power suddenly isn’t there for some reason.

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