See Earth Change Drastically If Oceans Heated Up

Date: 2021-02-04 11:00:16


Well, I think we all realize that something strange is going on with the oceans when those creepy creatures start popping up. A fish with a long bony stick growing out of its head, a creature that looks like a pulsing pile of spaghetti, a purple jellyfish that looks like lava!

These creatures are inhabitants of the deepest parts of the sea and have always lived here. Something’s forced them to come to the surface. Something deep in the ocean that’s heating the water up. Something so powerful and frightening, deep sea monsters are coming out of hiding to escape it!

You think you’re safe enough staying out of the water. But soon, you realize boiling oceans quickly affect you too! Less oxygen, torrential rains, floods, tornadoes, typhoons and hurricanes become a daily nightmare! How will you survive in a world with heated up oceans? đŸ˜±


Animation is created by Bright Side.
Music by Epidemic Sound

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