SECRETS Lotteries Don’t Want You To Know

Date: 2019-03-14 13:45:00


The unspoken secrets lotteries don’t want you to know! From the underhanded tactics of some shop clerks to the hidden art of the gamble

#8 Unriggable Contest
The lottery of each state is very closely monitored by the governing authority that runs it, but also with the assistance of investigators and policing agents on the lottery’s behalf. Their security division is dedicated to looking out for cheats, swindlers, and charlatans that think they can alter a ticket or find some other way to scam the contest. Most attempts are futile as a cursory scan will alert a clerk as to whether or not the customer has a winning ticket and as crafty as folks can be, it’s not going to be easy to forge a winning barcode. But even if they could manage it, the amount of investigation and auditing that goes into verifying a claimant would catch you before you could even smell the cash. The system even has a means to make sure winners can’t receive the full pay if they have outstanding government debts! So unless you’re trying to trade your lottery ticket in as a fastpass to federal prison, it’s highly recommended you don’t go trying to alter it.
#7 Crooked Clerks
It may seem obvious, but there’s a whole lot of money to be made in the various lotteries around the country. Not only as a player, but as a seller as well with lottery ticket-selling convenience stores attributing them with 30 to 40 percent of their revenue! But if that wasn’t enough, many store clerks have another means for making a quick buck on your ticket.
Typically reliant on a scanned verification as performed by clerks, many customers rely on what they hear from the other side of the counter to tell whether or not they’ve won. As such, it can often take one little lie by way of denial to send that customer packing and make the store clerk an extra thousand dollars richer. This is a very common issue and has led to lotteries employing their own law enforcement to prevent fraudulent behavior like this in the contest. In some states, these authorities even launch sting operations in attempts of taking down corruption at the convenience stores. Some reports tell of clerks that have been caught receiving sentences of up to 2 years of probation and losing either their stores ability to sell lottery tickets in the case of store owning clerks or, more likely, simply their job.
To avoid this, officials recommend always signing the back of your tickets so the original owner is always known. Lotteries are doing their part as well with the advent of scanning devices customers can use to verify tickets on their own. Hopefully, combined with the undercover operations of the past couple decades, this lotto issue will be a thing of the past.