Secret Room Behind Lincoln’s Face and Other Secrets In US Landmarks

Date: 2022-02-05 20:32:54


When you travel, you probably have a list of sights you wanna visit. But it turns out, there’s so much more about many popular sights apart from the general info you might get in regular travel guides. Some of the famous US landmarks have many little-known secrets to hide. There’re caves, secret rooms and hidden chambers in some of the most famous monuments across the U.S.

For example, one of the towering granite faces of Mount Rushmore is hiding a secret that we can’t see. There’s a secret room originally built to hold important documents from US history. What’s there now and can a tourist visit it? Let’s unveil this one and 12 other striking hidden secrets.


Secrets of US landmarks 00:00
President Lincoln’s head 00:10
Grand Central Terminal 01:15
Supreme Court Building 02:05
Niagara Falls 02:46
The Statue of Liberty 03:32
The Brooklyn Bridge 04:28
Disneyland 05:15
The Golden Gate Bridge 06:15
The Lincoln Memorial 06:56
The Gateway Arch 07:24
Waldorf Astoria hotel 08:10
The Liberty Bell 08:48

– There’s a hidden chamber inside President Lincoln’s head;
– Tourists can’t access the secret room as it’s too difficult to reach;
– The Grand Central Terminal is home to a tennis club;
– The Supreme Court building has a hidden basketball court;
– In Niagara Falls naturally falling water is used to generate energy;
– The Statue of Liberty wears size 879 shoes;
– There used to be a room in the torch that could be accessed;
– Wineries helped finance the Brooklyn bridge by building wine cellars and renting them out to local businesses;
– In Disneyland can find a posh, expensive restaurant called Club 33;
– The Golden Gate Bridge was once the world’s longest suspension bridge;
– There’s a famous typo in the Lincoln Memorial;
– Visiting the Gateway Arch to look at the city of St. Louis is like looking back in time;
– Hidden underneath the deluxe Waldorf Astoria hotel is a secluded platform called “Track 61”;
– The Liberty Bell features one of history’s most famous repair jobs.

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