Scientists Opened a 5 MLN-Year-Old Cave And Their Heart Skipped a Beat

Date: 2020-11-22 11:00:14


Over millions of years, our planet has changed a lot. Ice ages, shifting tectonic plates, global floods, meteorites. Whole species of animals have come and gone over millennia. At some point in all of this, we humans came along. Now imagine a place that was cut off from the rest of the world for 5.5 million years, possibly much more. A place that no human had ever set foot in before. In 1986, we finally found it, Movile cave.

This cave contains 48 species, 33 of which are completely new to us. Strange white snails crawl along the walls and transparent shrimps, even small leeches, swim in the water. White centipedes with huge whiskers and transparent spiders shuffle around. There are even 2 species of scorpion. Water scorpions and another kind, as yet unidentified. It’s not exactly your typical desert scorpion. Actually, nothing around here looks…normal. These are probably the weirdest creatures in the whole world.


Preview photo credit:
Cave woodlouse. Close-up of an Armadillidium sp. woodlouse found only in the Movile Cave, Romania: By PATRICK LANDMANN/Science Photo Library/East News,
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