Scientists May Have Turned Back the Arrow of Time

Date: 2020-01-07 11:00:05


Through the years, people have collected a whole dictionary of phrases about wasting time and how it can never be turned back. It would be a shame to lose them all if some scientist were to prove that time is reversible. Actually, it seems like that already happened! Well kinda… Time travel might just be real.

A team of Russian scientists stated that they were able to reverse the state of quantum in time for a minuscule fraction of time. For this purpose, they used an IBM quantum computer and innumerable attempts, 85% of which were successful in a simple system, and only 45% in a system that’s a bit more complicated.

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What really happened during the experiments 1:24
What’s the arrow of time? 🏹 3:17
Quantum teleportation is real! 4:03
How a quantum computer works 4:24
So what can be teleported? 8:29

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– The concept of the arrow of time is an integral part of nature’s laws, like the laws of thermodynamics for example.
– Basically, it means that time always goes in only one way: from past to future as everything is constantly, irreversibly changing its state and condition.
– Quantum can be in two states simultaneously. Quantum teleportation was proved to be real, and now it seems like even time itself isn’t truly safe.
– A quantum computer is a real miracle of science, with vast processing power that comes with one main difference from the classic computers: classic silicon-based computers use bits to store information.
– Quantum computers use quantum bits or qubits instead of bits. These are also the most basic units of information for a quantum computer.
– When bits can only be in one of the two possible states, qubits use quantum particles, which can be not only in one of two states, but also in both at the same time.
– For a time-reversal experiment, only two qubits were used, and even if it wasn’t true time-reversal, it’s a giant breakthrough for quantum computing itself.
– The result of these experiments shows that by applying a special equation to qubit particles, they can effectively step back in their state like after a good sip from the Fountain of Youth.
– A group of computer scientists was able to basically transport a particle through space in an instant. One moment it was there, and then it blinked in another place!
– As we already know, scanning a particle applies stress on it, and therefore disrupts its state almost completely.
– Information about the properties of this particle was then sent to the second particle and it inherited them all, effectively becoming the first particle.
– None of the particles were really transported anywhere, but the information about them was teleported.
– In basic terms, teleportation means scanning and disrupting something in one place and reassembling it in another with the use of information from the scan. Therefore, what scientists saw there was still teleportation.
– Quantum teleportation, just like quantum time-reversal, can’t be used on anything except particles, like electrons and photons.
– But who knows what could be possible if all this new knowledge could be used to build the first practical quantum computers. With their processing powers, we’ll be able to take chances even on teleportation and time machines.

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