Scientists Have Found the Lowest Land on Earth

Date: 2020-02-07 17:00:09


The Earth’s lowest known place is the Challenger Deep, almost 36,000 ft below the ocean’s surface! But however incredible it may sound, dry land also has some extreme points which lie way, way lower than sea level. And the lowest of them, previously hiding under a massive glacier, has been discovered only recently!

Antarctica’s massive ice sheet effectively hides the continent’s mysteries. But scientists don’t give up: they’ve been using radar equipment to crack Antarctica’s riddles. And recently, their efforts have paid off!

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Death Valley 0:37
The Dead Sea 1:30
Lake Baikal 2:12
The Krubera Cave 3:05
Denman Glacier 3:55
Mponeng & TauTona Gold Mines 4:48
KTB Borehole 6:17
SG-3 Kola Superdeep Borehole 7:08

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– The most amazing thing about Death Valley is that it’s home to the lowest point in North America – Badwater Basin. This place lies 282 ft below sea level, which is just a bit smaller than the Statue of Liberty!
– The Dead Sea made it to this list because until recently, its surface and shores were considered the lowest point on dry land. The Dead Sea is on average more than 1,400 ft below sea level – that’s just a bit less than the height of the Empire State Building!
– The Baikal is a unique water body that contains more than 20% of all unfrozen surface freshwater in the world. The lake’s total depth is more than five Eiffel Towers piled on top of each other.
– No one knows for sure how deep the Krubera Cave really is. Believe it or not but this abyss may drop down to 7,200 ft underground.
– Stretching more than 11,500 feet below sea level, a canyon under Denman Glacier turned out to be 8 times deeper than the Dead Sea shores!
– Being almost the same in size, Mponeng and TauTona mines are as deep as 700 giraffes and filled with complicated mazes of underground tunnels.
– The main KTB borehole (that’s a hole branching from the main hole) reached a mind-blowing depth of almost 30,000 ft, which is the cruising altitude of passenger airliners – filled with giraffes!SG– 3 Kola Superdeep Borehole is almost 400 ft shorter than the longest man-made well. But we’re talking about the lowest points below sea level – the Kola Borehole is number one.

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