RICHEST People That Ever Lived

Date: 2019-05-02 13:45:00


The world’s richest people that ever lived! From wealthy tech giants to ancient rulers

#12 Bill Gates
As synonymous with intelligence as he is with wealth, Bill Gates is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the home computer era. Gates formed Microsoft in the mid 1970s with partner Paul Allen in Albuquerque as a company focused on developing and distributing high-quality software. What began as a partnership with Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry [tel-em-et-tree] Systems, a company that created electronic calculators and personal computers, swiftly moved to independence as Gates took on big responsibilities while still writing and editing code. From there, Microsoft would only expand, first with the introduction of the MS-DOS operating system, then the famous Microsoft Windows series, and the development of other products like the Xbox. Reeling from antitrust legislation and dodging accusations of corrupt monopolization, Gates was able to maintain his wealth even after leaving the company. His current net worth is up to 99 billion dollars.
#11 Jeff Bezos
Currently the world’s wealthiest person, Jeff Bezos began his career on Wall Street after graduating from Princeton University where he earned degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. Having founded the web service Amazon, Bezos has not only changed the world but also accumulated a whole lot of money in the process. Aside from the online bookstore-turned-shopping mall, Bezos has also invested in major projects like the Blue Origin space program and the Washington Post, having revitalized the latter with his own ideas on digital media. He is currently worth approximately 150 billion dollars, although it’s possible his pending divorce may cut that substantially.
#10 Henry Ford
Sometimes it’s more important to develop and improve something that already exists, and that’s exactly how Henry Ford made his money. Building on the concepts of the assembly line and the automobile, Ford set out to develop the first vehicle that could be labeled moderately affordable. The Model T, along with the Ford Motor Company, made him a globally recognized powerhouse of industry. But despite the fame, Ford continued to focus on lowering costs, recognizing the need to make products usable and affordable by most Americans. He was also a key component in the installation of car dealerships across the United States. But no one is without fault, and this captain of industry worth nearly 200 billion dollars was notorious for hateful rhetoric towards the Jewish community.