Put a Glass of Water Under Your Bed, See What Happens

Date: 2020-10-30 11:11:10


A regular lack of sleep makes us feel exhausted right after waking up. Moreover, it’s one of the main reasons for gaining weight. Around 15% of the human population suffers from insomnia. People need about 8 hours of good sleep every night to support the normal state of physiological and psychological health. We have studied the reasons for insomnia and found effective methods to get rid of it. But first of all, do you know why some people put a glass of water under their bed?

Well, in feng shui, water symbolizes wealth and perfection. It transforms from liquid to solid form and gas quickly and flows freely. Many believe that water helps in new beginnings and carries some coded information in it. And, it helps you sleep safe and sound because it absorbs negative energy. You can check to see if you have trouble falling asleep because of negative vibes with a simple test. Feel a bit skeptical about this ritual? But why not try? By following our simple recommendations, you will be able to forget about insomnia forever and enjoy nice dreams every night.


The secret of the glass of water under the bed 0:01
Humming like a bee 2:16
Listening to music 2:47
The sound of frying bacon 3:10
Breakfast for dinner 3:37
Progressive muscle relaxation 4:17
Moon breathing 5:31
Wearing socks in bed 5:53
Meaningless lists 6:37
Cleaning the mess in your bedroom 7:34

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