Put a Coin in the Freezer Before Leaving the House

Date: 2022-04-02 04:00:16


Here’s a cool trick for those who’re planning to go on vacation: leave a coin in the freezer before leaving the house. Why? It’s a great safety trick to find out if your food items are as fresh as when you left them… or maybe the power was out for long enough for the food to go really bad.

In this video I’m also gonna tell you how long different food items can last. You’ll find out why fresh chicken can last longer than hamburger meats and beef – longer than sausages. A lot of life hacks for your freezer are coming your way! Some creative guys store their clothing in the freezer to eliminate moths or any potential lice. They even believe it’s a better alternative to washing clothes…


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– Before you leave home, fill a cup with water and put it in the freezer. When it’s frozen, place a coin on top and return it to the freezer;
– If you find a coin at the bottom of the cup when you come back after a long or even short holiday, you should throw away all the food immediately;
– It means that the power was off long enough time for your food to melt and re-freeze. If the coin is on top, it means there was no power failure, and your food is safe;
– If the coin is in the middle of the cup, it means that the power went out for a short time only. Most of your food items are probably still fresh;
– Fresh chicken or turkey can last from 9 months to a year;
– Fatty fish is good for 2 to 3 months, while lean fish like haddock lasts 6 to 8 months;
– Tips for snowstorm: if you’re able, run your car for 10 minutes every hour;
– If you leave it on the whole time, you’ll run out of gas soon enough;
– Ten minutes should be enough to warm yourself and keep the engine from freezing up. While the car is running, you can charge your phone;
– You should also lower your window occasionally just to ventilate the car;
– Stay in your car so that others can get to you. No matter how cold it gets, it will always be colder outside.

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