Powerful Eruption Shook the Ocean But We Didn’t Even Notice

Date: 2022-02-02 07:47:34


Powerful volcanic eruptions never go unnoticed… They bring tons of lava, havoc and devastation. But it turns out, in 2012 we missed a massive eruption happening in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. How could it go unnoticed? Scientists found out about it only a few years later.

The 2012 Kermadec Islands eruption was a major undersea volcanic eruption. For comparison, it was 10 times the size of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland. Basically, a planetary-scale catastrophe happened, and… no one’s knew about it. How was it possible?


Hot magma 00:00
Powerful volcanic eruption 00:37
2012 Eruption 00:57
Tectonic Plates 01:38
Water pressure effect 03:16
Rocks on the surface 04:01
Volcanic Islands 05:42
Aogashima 07:31

NASA Image and Video Library
A three dimensional echo sounding representation of a newly discovered canyon under the Red Sea by survey vessel HMS Enterprise: By Royal Navy/MOD, OGL v1.0 ,
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