Opening the Car Door with Your Right Hand Can Save a Life

Date: 2020-02-29 03:00:05


You’re driving on a busy road. You stop at the traffic lights, start moving again … and bam – a cyclist pops out of nowhere. You hit the brakes like crazy, your girlfriend next to you spills coffee on herself, and … fortunately no one gets hurt. Is there a way to avoid such situations?

Also, a lot of accidents involving cyclists happen because of “dooring”. When a car stops and the driver is getting out, they often open the door right into the cyclist’s face. It happens a lot, but there is one simple basically effortless way to avoid it. The solution comes from the Netherlands, and so it’s called the “Dutch Reach”.

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🚴 If you’re a cyclist:
– Wear the right helmet 0:44
– Be a defensive cyclist 1:28
– Let others know of your plans 2:00
– Go with the flow 2:23
– Cycle training isn’t just for kids 3:25
– The sidewalk is for pedestrians 4:07
– Know where you’re going 5:20
🚗 If you’re a driver:
– Practice the “Dutch reach” to save some lives 5:52
– Overtake a cyclist properly 6:44
– Make your intentions clear to everyone 6:57
– Keep calm and carry on 7:17

– Wear bright colors or reflective clothing, there are special vests for that. Don’t forget to dress your bike, as well.
– How to know if a helmet is too loose? Try shaking your head “no” and if it turns, it means you should tighten it up.
– Make sure the brakes are working just fine, brake pads aren’t worn out, the tires are pumped enough, and the gears and chain are in good condition, as well.
– They teach you to be a defensive driver at driving school, and this doesn’t only work for motor vehicles. You have to learn to anticipate what’s going to happen on the road.
– Even if you’re in a rush, don’t zoom in and out of traffic like crazy.
– Stop signs, red lights and other road formalities still apply to you when you’re cycling.
– They say you can’t unlearn how to ride a bike. But you can upgrade your skills with a good instructor.
– When you’re on the sidewalk, the drivers are less likely to notice you.
– When you’re driving to the left of a truck, there’s a good chance the driver won’t see you at all.
– The good old ‘yield to pedestrians’ rule works for cyclists just like it does for drivers.
– If you’re going to a new place, want to try a new route, or have a cycling vacation, do some research and find out more about the route before you hit the road.
– A lot of accidents involving cyclists happen because of “dooring”. When a car stops and the driver is getting out, they often open the door right into the cyclist’s face.
– If you’re a driver in a right-driving country, the door is on your left. As easy as it seems to just open it with your left hand, make some effort and do it with your right.
– When you’re passing a cyclist, give them at least 1 car’s width of space. This distance should be enough to make the maneuver safe.
– Remember cyclists have just as much right to be on the road as you do, so don’t get angry if they seem too slow.

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