Not Even a Car Can Squish This Strong Bug

Date: 2020-11-28 17:00:00


Superheroes are not only found in movies. You don’t need to go to other planets to be amazed by the variety of lifeforms. Some incredible superpowers already exist in the world. Evolution has a very rich imagination and, thanks to it, there are bugs that can leap the distance of 100 times their body length, flies that see everything around it, 360 degrees, and insects that can haul a load a thousand times its own weight!

Have you ever heard of fishing spiders? It’s a hefty beast that can reach the size of your palm, and its name is not accidental: its favorite dish is fish. The spider catches its prey by diving underwater, but its actual superpower is the ability to run on its surface. And when the spider needs to go down, it just stops and dives. If these “superpowers” aren’t enough to impress you, watch the video! We found insects that can make an unforgettable impression on you with their innate features.

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Phloeodes diabolicus: By Kugamazog~commonswiki/Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.5 ,

Animation is created by Bright Side.


Ironclad beetle 0:01
Cockroache 0:58
Tiger moth 1:28
Humble froghopper 2:06
Pea aphids 2:41
Housefly 3:24
Fishing spider 3:54
Darwin’s bark spider 4:30
Termites 5:03
Bombardier beetle 5:33
Parasitoid wasp 6:03
Dung beetle 6:29
Orchid mantis 7:15
Desert locust 7:51

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