Not a Single Marriage for 50 years in This Village, Locals Explain Why

Date: 2020-08-29 09:25:02


The village of Barwan Kala is one of the most unusual places in the world. For 50 years, it hadn’t seen a single wedding. 121 – the highest number of unmarried men in the entire state of Bihar, India! This so-called “Village of Bachelors” wasn’t a paradise for singles to enjoy their solitude by conscious choice. No, it was much more complicated than that…

Nobody came to this remote little pocket because it was so cut-off from the rest of the world! For a long time, the village didn’t have electricity, water, phone network, healthcare center – they didn’t even have a road into and out of the place! If residents wanted to go to the closest town (nearly 30 miles away), they had to walk through winding hills and a dense jungle for 4 hours! Let’s find out more about one of the strangest places on Earth.


Village of Bachelors 0:01
Twin Town 2:27
India’s richest village 3:48
Model village 4:42
Cleanest village in Asia 5:28
The bizarre water tanks of Upplan 6:10

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