Nobody Comes to This Brazilian Island, Here’s Why

Date: 2022-02-08 20:30:49


Imagine what the most dangerous island in the world could look like? Is it full of lava, surrounded by sharks or has plenty of venomous plants in its forest? How about an island full of snakes? Snakes on your left, on your right… millions of snakes inhabiting every corner on that island…

Such an island actually exists in Brazil! And it’s not just full of ordinary snakes. Its primary inhabitant is the golden lancehead – one of the most venomous reptiles in the world. Today we’re gonna discover this island and see if it’s possible to survive there…


Sailing 00:00
Dangerous island 00:40
The island’s coast 01:20
Dozens of snakes 01:50
The Brazilian snake island 02:15
You fight off 03:13
History of the island 04:02
Modern pirates 05:05
Giant cockroaches 05:50
Lifeguard boat 06:53
Shetpal village in India 07:25

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