Newly Discovered Planet Is Surprisingly Similar to Earth

Date: 2022-03-15 13:28:09


Scientists have long been looking for signs of life outside our planet Earth. A ‘weird’ planet recently discovered has given astronomers new hopes these plans could become a reality. The planet is a temperate sub-Neptune sized body, 8 times closer to its star than the Earth is to the Sun. But its temperature is similar to our home planet because the red dwarf it’s orbiting is less potent.

Some other fascinating space objects are Super-Earths. If some planet weighs from 2 to 10 Earth masses, is 2 times bigger, and gets energy from a star, it’s called Super-Earth. Such planets can consist of gas, rocks, water, ice, fire, acid, glass, or diamonds. Scientists haven’t yet found a Super-Earth with ideal conditions for humans… Why so?


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Life on the planet 01:45
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– The planet is 8 times closer to its star than Earth is to the Sun. But this doesn’t mean that fiery layers of magma cover the surface of this world;
– The temperature on this exoplanet is pretty low and similar to Earth’s. That’s because the red dwarf is not as hot as our Sun;
– But the most exciting thing is that the atmosphere of this space object consists of water vapor;
– Even if they discover life on this strange planet, it will be impossible to transport it from there to us for study;
-Over the past twenty years, scientists have been finding exoplanets far and not too far from us. Some of them orbit around dwarfs and big stars;
– Another exciting thing is that scientists haven’t found a planetary system similar to our Solar one. All distant exoplanets are located at different distances from their stars;
– If some planet weighs from 2 to 10 Earth masses, is two times bigger, and gets energy from a star, it’s called Super-Earth. No more similarities with our home;
– The whole planet resembles a fiery boiling ball. If it has any life, it must be some invulnerable creatures;
– Most Super-Earths have terrible surfaces and atmospheres. There’s a planet where the air is so hot that it can evaporate metals;
– The fiery wind simply splits any solid substances into molecules. Such a Super-Earth is more like a star, not an ordinary planet.

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