New Theory Shows Something Might’ve Blocked Titanic from Help

Date: 2020-12-02 17:00:09


You know “S.O.S.” don’t you? – 3 dots, 3 slashes, and 3 more dots? It’s an easy enough signal to tap out in Morse code. It means “Save our souls” or “Save our ship.” The crew of the legendary Titanic had been desperately trying to send this signal for 2 hours the night of April 14—, 1912. There were other ships not too far from the spot where the iceberg took down the mighty titan of the sea. But the call for help seemingly disappeared before it could reach them!

The passenger ship SS Mount Temple did pick up a signal and tried to respond, but the Titanic never got the answer. So what was silencing the ship’s cries for help – some unknown Bermuda Triangle of the North Atlantic? Consider this: eye-witnesses say the sky was painted with a brilliant Aurora borealis that cold fateful night. Beautiful, yes. But on that day, the Northern Lights may have sealed Titanic’s fate for good…


Did a solar storm play a role? 1:43
About navigational equipment 3:24
What happened 10 minutes before the disaster 6:20
That night, the signals were acting strange 7:07
Did the Moon sink the Titanic? 8:36

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