Mysterious Force Is Wiping Out Galaxies Near Us

Date: 2022-02-24 07:06:54


How often do you look up and wonder what’s going on up there? Distant galaxies live their lives and have so much stuff going on! Scientists have noticed that some galaxies get destroyed from within. Why are stars prevented from being formed?

During this space journey you’re gonna observe a colossal orange and purple cloud sweeping towards you. You’re gonna discover a giant star wrecker that sweeps the gas out of the star-forming galaxies How does it happen and why? We’re gonna follow the process step-by-step…


Outpost 52 00:00
Plasma cloud 00:40
Wrecker of galaxies 01:00
Pillars of Creation 01:30
Star Wrecker 01:45
Virgo Cluster 02:30
Hubble Nursery Photo 03:20
Nebula 03:30
Supermassive black hole 04:50
Atacama Large Millimeter Array 05:38
Star Wrecking 07:00
Stacking 08:15

– A colossal orange and purple cloud is sweeping towards you;
– You look up and see the gigantic plasma cloud go soaring past;
– Stars form from thick clouds of gas that have become extremely cold. They condense and, over time, collapse into solid, compact matter;
– The nearby Virgo Cluster is seven million light-years across and contains thousands of galaxies;
– Messier 87 was discovered way back in 1781 by a French astronomer named Charles Messier;
– Messier 87 is a supergiant elliptical galaxy with trillions of stars;
– M87 has a supermassive black hole at its core;
– Giant clouds of intergalactic plasma, a form of electric gas, can behave like an atmosphere and drain the gas inside the galaxy;
– Galaxies are moving so fast through hot plasma in the Cluster, that a vast quantity of cold molecular gas is stripped from the galaxy;
– Most galaxies in the Universe exist in between two and a hundred galaxies. They were able to study such a large number by using stacking;

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