My Smartphone Says It’s December 31st, 1969. But Why?

Date: 2022-04-13 04:00:28


Ever had one of your devices suddenly display the date as December, 31st 1969? That’s not actually a random mistake or glitch in the matrix. Nor does it mean that your gadget can travel in time… I’ve studied this topic and it turns out that the real reason has to do with the operating system. And I’m ready to share this information with you!

You’ll also learn why Linux won’t be a piece of cake for you if you’re a Windows user. And I’m gonna tell you how Internet cables operate deep in the ocean. Plus, you’ll find out how the dot-com bubble began in the first place. This video is a must for tech-savvy users!


December 31 00:00
Open development 00:30
Operating system 00:42
Linux 01:15
Navigating 02:25
Ocean bottom 04:50
Dial-up 05:46
Google 07:27

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