Most UNUSUAL Beaches Ever!

Date: 2019-11-21 13:15:00


The world’s strangest beaches! From black, red, and glass sand of exotic shores to the coasts covered in mind-blowing rock formations.

#13 Maho Beach
While many, if not most, of the beaches on this list stand out due to environmental abnormalities, Maho Beach, located on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, is notable for an interesting, verging on inconvenient, man-made implement. The small beach is strangely close to the island’s Princess Juliana International Airport, and the flight path of incoming planes runs directly over the shore. As aircrafts soar in on their final approach, they come within less than 100 feet of beach-goers, giving visitors a,rare, up-close view of the planes while in flight. Visitors frequent the beach for this reason, with nearby bars and restaurants displaying arrival times for this very reason. However, the proximity to these flights has proven dangerous to those who get to near the fencing of the airport, leading to greater caution and public security measures at Maho Beach in recent years.
#12 Cathedral Beach
One of Spain’s most attractive natural monuments is Cathedral Beach, or Beach of the Holy Waters as its also known locally. Located six miles from the town of Ribadeo, this landmark is known for its cliffs and the large pillar like formations that sprout out from them. High tide gives this beach the appearance of a small beach and is best observed from the cliffs above. But at low tide, the source of this shore’s namesake becomes much more obvious with the tall, arching gaps formed from the rocky cliff face resemble the halls of a cathedral. Long caves and sandy corridors are also revealed, adding to the collective effect of imitating a sprawling church. Careful exploring, though, as the returning tide filters in quickly, hiding the Galician natural wonder once more.